About Me

Olga Ivanova – translator, proofreader, copywriter

I’m multifunctional, professional, and dedicated.

Languages have always been my passion ever since I studied English and German in high school. My dedication has lead me to the full working proficiency in Russian, Estonian, English (2009, Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English), and German (2003, German Language Diploma of the Education Ministers Conference). My passion then drove me to further polish my professional language skills in the native environment abroad.

Over the years, I have translated, proofread, and written thousands of pages of the widest range of texts in the following fields: academic writing; agreements/contracts; applications; architecture; certificates/diplomas; (electro)chemistry; computer sciences/games; construction; education; engineering; entertainment; finance; general texts; legal texts; medical texts (incl. MAPI-approved); resumes/ CVs; thesis abstracts; travel guides; and user manuals.

Always open to new challenges, I welcome you to message me your ideas that need to be turned into words!